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The San Carlos Yacht Club welcomes new members and encourages people to fill out the application to join. If you are interested and wish to discuss membership of the Yacht Club , please contact the Membership Commander - Karen Stewart ( 622-120-4655 cell ) .

The following summarizes the application process :

Applicants must be sponsored by two members of the club - Karen will assist with locating sponsors if none known.

The application form is completed and submitted along with the Initiation fee and dues. ( $500 Initiation and pro rata dues : $425.00 couple a year and $318.75 a single )

The application is posted on the Yacht Club board in the club house for a 30 day review period , during this time you are welcome and encouraged to attend events.

After the review period , you will be allocated a Flag Member number and inducted to the Yacht Club at one of the Friday night dinners when you are available. 

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